Thursday, 7 April 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Metrozone 1: Equations of Life - Simon Morden

Release Date: 07/04/11


Samuil Petrovitch is a survivor. He survived the nuclear fallout in St. Petersburg and hid in the London Metrozone - the last city in England. He's lived this long because he's a man of rules and logic. For example: GETTING INVOLVED = A BAD IDEA. But when he stumbles into a kidnapping in progress, he acts without even thinking. Before he can stop himself, he's saved the daughter of the most dangerous man in London. And clearly: SAVING THE GIRL = GETTING INVOLVED. Now, the equation of Petrovitch's life is looking increasingly complex: RUSSIAN MOBSTERS + YAKUZA + SOMETHING CALLED THE NEW MACHINE JIHAD = ONE DEAD PETROVITCH. But Petrovitch has a plan - he always has a plan - he's just not sure it's a good one.


If you like a book where an author creates a memorable character then you really have to try this title by Simon Morden. Within this title you’ll meet Petrovitch, calculating, logical and above all else selfish, until the day he breaks his own rules and puts his life in danger. It’s a great story of human development as the tales hero has to adapt to the changes and it’s a title that really is fascinating purely for the fact that it relies as truly great tales do on few other characters which allows the reader to really get to know them. So much so that crazy is as crazy does in a world gone mad with full throttle Petrovitch in survival mode with his million to one shot plans.

Add to this a post-apocalyptic world where life is cheap and a fistful of people who’d do anything to maintain control backed with great storytelling alongside decent prose and you know that it’s a story that will thrill, excite and keep the reader entertained to its conclusion which made this a seriously great find from our friends at Orbit and a series that will have a lot to live up to.

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