Monday, 18 April 2011

NEWS: Aba(n)ddon all hope unless ye be a 21st Century Knight

Hail Mighty Readers,
Verily you are summoned by our Lords at Abaddon Books to joust for the honour of Knighthood. Are you chivalrous enough to join thier ranks? Read on to see:

Are you chivalrous enough to be a Knight of the New Round Table – and win the chance to be a real knight for the day?
To celebrate the release of the new Knights of Albion series of Arthurian adventure, Abaddon Books is on the hunt for ‘knights in shining armour’ to sit on a 21st Century King Arthur’s Round Table – and they could win the chance to be a real knight for a day. As part of the hunt, a real knight in shining armour ventured out onto the streets of London – and caused a few stares – as he searched for chivalrous candidates, even managing to do a little wooing of his own! Whether it’s rescuing a princess from a dragon or just opening doors for your beloved, wannabe Sir Galahads can tell us why they should earn a place at Arthur’s side by going to The most chivalrous are in with a chance to win an exclusive day of training from experts at a specialist jousting facility where they’ll undertake the essential training that no aspiring knight would be without – from swordplay to donning armour. The day will be crowned with a thrilling live demonstration of jousting. The Knights of Albion is an exciting new series based on the ‘rediscovered’ second book by Thomas Malory, author of the Le Morte d'Arthur. The first in the series, The Black Chalice, follows wannabe knight Alymere, who discovers the foul Devil’s Bible – said to have been written in one night by an insane hermit – which leads him to seek the unholy anti-Grail know as the Black Chalice.

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Pat Hollett said...

Any story about knights is enough to pique my interest! Brilliant stuff Gareth. Thank you! :)