Saturday, 16 April 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Wink Murder - Ali Knight

Release Date: 14/04/11


Kate Forman has an enviable life: a loving family and a perfect husband, Paul. But one night she finds Paul drunk and covered in blood, mumbling about having killed something - or someone. When a young and attractive woman who works for Paul is found murdered, Kate's suspicions about what he has really done send her on an increasingly desperate search for the truth that threatens to smash her carefully constructed life. Doing the right thing should seem obvious, but as the lies multiply, the truth is not as straightforward as it seems; how well do you know the person you're married to?


Having recently read a hell of a lot of crime titles, a new book, whether its by an established or a new author, needs to do something special to be remembered.

What Ali does in this, her debut tile is create a lead character who is not only memorable but also has her feet firmly in the real world so much so that the reader cannot help but be able to associate with her in her seemingly ordinary mundane life.

Add to this a scenario that works cleverly with realistic character interaction as well as overall arc and you know that it’s a tale that is nothing short of a powder keg waiting for someone to strike the match to see the inevitable conclusion.

It was a title that was definitely interesting, it had decent prose and writing skills which when backed with the characters should have created something special. Sadly, whilst I appreciated a lot of the elements and careful crafting within, found that it didn’t satisfy me as a reader and that I felt that something was sadly lacking. That said I will try this author again as the talent as well as skill set is there and its definitely going to be interesting to see what Ali hits back with in her next release.

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