Saturday, 16 April 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Victories of the Space Marines - Ed. Christian Dunn

Release Date: 14/04/11


From planet to planet, the enemies of mankind will stop at nothing to expand their dominion. Worlds are shattered, and their citizens face a desperate fight for survival. There is a hope - superhuman warriors serving the glory of the Emperor, standing proudly in defiance of inhuman foes. These metal-clad giants lay waste to the relentless hordes of xenos invaders and defend humanity against the insidious forces of Chaos. In the remains of their enemies, they stand triumphant. They are the Space Marines. These are their victories.


A book of short stories is always a delight for a reader, especially when they’re looking for something just to dip into either on their lunch break or for train journey’s so it’s always good when a quality writing universe does this. Here in the latest instalment of the Space Marine Chronicles is a set of tales that will enthuse as well as entertain the reader throughout although to be honest I did feel a little cheated when I saw Heart of Rage by James Swallow which had previously been released as an audio book.

It is a book full of great stories, it is also a book that has a whole selection of descent authors as well as a great way for readers to try new authors that they haven’t previously had either the time or the finances for, but perhaps best of all its sheer value for money for the reader to get such great quality. However my only real criticism is that should they decide to rerelease audio books into these volumes then perhaps it would be best to have a separate one for just that purpose as those who’ve already paid for the audio book may feel a little cheated.

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