Monday, 25 April 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Time of Legends: A Sundering Novel 3: Caledor - Gav Thorpe

Release Date: 26/04/11


Ulthuan is burning. Its peoples are scattered, its lands in ruin. Under the iron fist of the Witch King dark elves sack and pillage. His desire is nothing short of total domination and the utter extinction of the high elves. Skies blacken with the wings of dragons and smoke occludes the sun. Daemons crawl from their hell-pits, hungering for souls. Through the fires of civil war, a general becomes a king. Prince Caledor takes up the Phoenix Crown and with it the hopes of all of Ulthuan. Though it is a burden unwished for, he is the last heroic thread that can unite the realm of the true asur. Darkness closes, filled with the screams of war. Dead elves soak the land in blood, anointing a spell of unbinding, a cataclysm intended to end the very world.


The final part in the Age of Legends Sundering series and one that really has set up for an explosive conclusion as the Elves bring it all together for the war that will last millennia as they each seek dominance within their own realms. It is well written, the tale crafted with the blood of the fallen and it’s a civil war on a scale that neither side will relinquish or give quarter for. Definitely a seriously good release in the series and one that is quite fitting for its conclusion. That said, my favourite still has to be Shadow King but this one definitely hits the spot and is a title that many fans will find satisfactory for their bloodthirsty needs especially when the politics as well as xenophobia hits the fan in this no holds barred battle for supremacy.

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