Wednesday, 20 April 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The Dagger and the Coin 1: The Dragon's Path - Daniel Abraham

Release Date: 21/04/11


The dragons are gone, the powerful magics that broke the world diluted to little more than parlour tricks, but the kingdoms of men remain and the great game of thrones goes on. Lords deploy armies and merchant caravans as their weapons, manoeuvring for wealth and influence. But a darker power is rising - an unlikely leader with an ancient ally threatens to unleash again the madness that destroyed the world once already. Only one man knows the truth and, from the shadows, must champion humanity. The world's fate stands on the edge of a Dagger, its future on the toss of a Coin ...


As a fan of Daniels other titles I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this, his brand new series. As you’d expect the writing is crisp, the characters memorable and they stand out as a cast that have learned from their pasts and try to influence their futures for their own betterment. It’s cleverly done and when war is in the offing, it matters not how much you try to do to avoid it, you’ll always be drawn in one way or another.

Add to this crisp prose, some great descriptiveness and some magical abilities and afflictions that will make this book stand out for quite some time. Finally as this tale unfurls the reader may find themselves slightly confused as the multitude of cultures populating this small world but each adds a unique flavour as well as perspective upon not only the frailty of the conditions within but also a deeper flavour to help bring this world alive. Wonderfully done and I’ll look forward to the next part.

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Angela Addams said...

Sounds good - I'm always looking for something different and you manage to give me something new to look forward to each week!