Tuesday, 12 April 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy; Knights of Bretonnia - Alastair Reynolds

Release Date: 14/04/11


Bretonnia is a land shrouded in myth and magic, under siege from the strange creatures of its shadowy forests and those fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods. Against these fearsome foes stand the Knights of Bretonnia, calling upon their faith in the Lady and their guile with the sword to repel their legions of enemies. When young noble Calard starts upon the path to knighthood, he soon discovers the darkness hidden within his homeland and the price that must be paid by those seeking the holiest of honours - the title of Grail Knight. Accompanied by his faithful manservant Chlod, he must face vampires, wyverns, Chaos warriors and goblins, but each battle brings him one step closer to becoming the legend he seeks. Knights of Bretonnia collects the novels Knight Errant and Knight of the Realm, plus two new novellas, Questing Knight and Grail Knight, completing the saga of Calard from his knightly training to his most epic of victories.


A compendium of goodness that is the combination of Anthony’s Knights of Bretonnia titles to date which will allow the reader the chance to read them all from start to finish without the wait between titles with the added bonus of two novella's.

It’s a great idea and if you haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy his adventures one that will allow the reader the opportunity to easily see how the players grow from tale to tale as well as watching the struggles continue of light over dark as each choice has consequences.

It’s inventive, it’s something a little different and above all else the author has more to play with as there is very little set within the lands of Bretonnia as opposed to the Empire. If you love your knights and want tales of slaying and daring do then this is definitely the Black Library book for you. Seriously good stuff.

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Pat Hollett said...

I love stories of knights and one of my most favorite era's is that time period so this is a series I'd love to read, especially since it brings elements of supernatural beings. This defintely looks like a very good read to me and especially with your review of it. Thanks for sharing! :)