Saturday, 2 April 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: Let's Make Whoopies - Sophie Grey

Release Date: 01/04/11


Easier to eat, with a cream cheese filling and a frosted top, whoopies are set to take over from cupcakes in a big way. This book is set to be the must-have book on these fun little cakes. Thought to have originated in the Amish communities of America (the farmers would open their lunch boxes to cries of 'Whoopie!' when they saw that their wives had included them as treats) they are now setting a trend in cities like New York and London and are set to take over the rest of the UK! Sophie's book includes 70 whoopie recipes from classics like a mini Victoria sponge, to a whole range of chocolate and fruit-based whoopies and sections on celebration and wacky whoopies too. Perfect for birthday parties and get-togethers - your guests will fall in love with whoopies! Complete with all the fillings and frostings you need to make these adorable cakes, Sophie has also included 30 delicious cupcakes, including her award-winning lemon drizzle cupcake.


These days, there so many books out there that pertain to creating something special or new but I was more than intrigued when I heard about whoopies. (OK I have to admit my childish brain thought it was about making a certain type of cushion.) But what is contained within is even better. With recipes for savoury as well as sweet this book has a whole range of whoopies and cupcakes that can help make a special occasion or a party with a section reserved purely for decoration alternatives such as a hungry caterpillar cake.

Add to this easy to understand instructions (well I had to make a few to test them out), pictures of the finished product (well we do eat with our eyes first) and a whole range to suit all tastes it will be a modern book that will be referred to time and again. This book is a great find and one that really will help me create some special creations for my nephew’s birthday parties as well as a slightly more refined selection for the adults.

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