Friday, 28 May 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: Waiting for Columbus - Thomas Trofimuk


Found semi-naked in the treacherous Strait of Gibraltar, the mysterious man called Columbus appears to be just another delirious patient, until he begins to tell the 'true' story of how he famously obtained three ships from Spanish royalty. It's Nurse Consuela who listens to these fantastical tales and tries to make sense of not only why this seemingly intelligent man has been locked up, but also why she is so inappropriately involved with his story. Something terrible caused her patient's break with reality and she can only listen and wait as Columbus spins his tale to it's dramatic end. Simultaneously, Emile Germain, an Interpol officer based in France is searching for a man - presumed dangerous - missing from the scene of a crime. All paths lead to Spain, where Emile, unbeknownst to the doctors at the Sevilla Institute, is unraveling more than just one mystery...


At time’s you read a novel that just jumps out at you and remains in your memory long after the final page is turned. That is exactly what you get in this offering from author Thomas Trofimuk. Its thoughtful, its emotional but the strongest quality within this tale is the whole host of characters who just step from the pages into your imagination and refuse to leave. It’s a great tale told from multiple points of view with some well placed info-dumps that feel like its just a tip bit tossed out to help verify the truth of the tale back that up with some cracking dialogue and you know that this is a real gem of a novel. Mainly I’d recommend this to any reader looking for something different that plays on a number of themes from romance through to historical fiction as well as dabbling within the Thriller genre but if you loved The Time Travellers Wife, then make this your next purchase.

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