Wednesday, 26 May 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Tales from the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong


Kelley Armstrong's gripping and imaginative short stories are brought together in a fantastic new collection. A young vampire learns the heavy price of his new existence; black witch Eve Levine meets Kristof Nast, her soul mate and her nemesis; Lucas Cortez, lawyer, sorcerer and unwilling heir to his father's Cabal, sets out on a case that will change his destiny; Paige Winterbourne discovers just how fraught a white (witch) wedding can be and Elena Michaels begins her unwitting journey to a new life ? as the only female werewolf in the world ...These brilliant, self-contained stories are a perfect introduction to the series and a wonderful addition to the existing novels. Tales From the Otherworld will delight fans and curious new readers alike.


Kelley is a not only a long time addiction of mine but I’d like to think a friend who’s helped me through hard times with her creative world-building. Here in her second charity novel, is a collection of additional short stories that have wowed the fans for a few years. Add to the mix the return of firm favourites, some tales of a prequel nature and you really get a book that fleshes out the world and characters in greater detail. A real treat for many readers and one that will establish a deeper mythos in the tales that have been cried out for and requested by a great many readers.

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