Thursday, 20 May 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Kraken - China Mieville


Deep in the research wing of the Natural History Museum is a prize specimen, something that comes along much less often than once in a

lifetime: a perfect, and perfectly preserved, giant squid. But what does it mean when the creature suddenly and impossibly disappears?

For curator Billy Harrow it's the start of a headlong pitch into a London of warring cults, surreal magic, apostates and assassins. It might just be that the creature he's been preserving is more than a biological rarity: there are those who are sure it's a god.

A god that someone is hoping will end the world.


China is an author that you tend to either love or hate. But whichever category that you fall into, you’re always guaranteed a tale that is not only beautifully written and plotted but one that will confuse the hell out of you until the final few pages. Add a touch of Neverwhere to the great world building of a typical Mieville novel, characters that are just having a hard enough time adapting to the changes within their own little universe and it’s a title that brings quite a bit to the table. This will be one that hopefully will entertain as well as please a number of readers but personally, I’m still a tad confused after finishing the novel a few days ago.

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