Monday, 28 February 2011

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Outlander 7: An Echo in Bone - Diana Gabaldon

Release Date: 30/06/11


The year is 1777. The place, North Carolina. And as the American rebellion grows in intensity, Highlander Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire need to decide which side their family is going to be on. The choice should be an easy one, given that Claire was born in the twentieth century and has already seen the future - in history books. But things are never simple where the Frasers are concerned, as father and son unwittingly come face to face on the battlefield, and an old adversary reaches forward in time to threaten the next generation. Up to now, Claire and Jamie's love has survived every danger history has put in their path, but in the chaos of war, with families bitterly divided against each other, is the future finally going to catch up with them?


Fans of Diana’s writing have had to wait a little while, for this the seventh release in her Outlander series. Whilst the readers may have been left a little apprehensive due to the lack of action within the last book (A Breath of Snow and Ashes) then they’ll be pleased to see that it picks up in this release. Whilst the history concerned is well known to the reader, the characters within have a quality that the reader just can’t let go of. They’re beautifully created and with the next generation getting bigger and better chances to take centre stage the reader has a lot to look forward to.

What can be a little troublesome is the sheer amount of subplots within, so much so that as the tale progresses it can be quite easy to either get confused or wonder what the author is intending with these for future titles. Diana is an author that represents quality writing, one that my Mum put me onto as she’d read the series from its inception way back in the early 90’s and whilst it has taken me a few years to appreciate this authors writing it’s the emotional context that she does well which when backed with a great writing style, a serious sense of pace as well as a need to give the reader the emotional content that they desire which creates a series that few others can currently even dream of.

All in a seriously wonderful read, although to be honest, I was lucky enough to be able to get the most from this due to a reread of all the titles from the original release (Outlander) which is what I’d advise other readers to do as well. Great stuff.

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Jessica Peter said...

I got a free download from, and decided to sample an audio book. I decided to give one a try for while I was driving or crafting, and chose Outlander since it was on my to-read list. A big mistake - it was WAY too long to finish by ear.

This review makes me want to go take out a real physical book from the library so I can get into the story again! I was really enjoying it. . . it was just too long and I kept getting distracted.