Saturday 19 February 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Autumn: The City - David Moody

Release Date: 20/01/11


A disease of unimaginable ferocity has torn across the face of the planet leaving billions dead. A small group of survivors shelter in the remains of a devastated city, hiding in terror as the full effects of the horrific infection start to become clear. The sudden appearance of a company of soldiers again threatens the survivors' fragile existence. Do they bring with them hope, help and answers, or more pain, fear and suffering?


Having read David Moody’s work before I was hoping that this one would be different, as it featured Zombies rather than altered humans but alas it was pretty much the same as all his other titles except rather than still being living, breathing altered humans they died and were re-animated as the living dead. As the days grind on the survivors noticed that the deceased were becoming more intelligent as each day passed almost as if they’d undergone a rebirth and were having to learn things from scratch which made this a real hook.

Sadly that’s as good as the story gets as the rest is mundane, depressing, annoying and to borrow an overused word from Shaun Hutson (which it felt like David did within this title) sucked. The characters were weak, two dimensional and to be honest you really wished them to get munched quicker. All in a disappointment with the worst part being getting to the end only to find that there’s another title that you’re going to have to wait months for to carry on the tale which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. A great shame all in as some of the ideas were quite novel and could have made this something special that no one else has utilised before rather than a humdrum, over used cliché that it was.

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