Tuesday, 15 February 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Quantum Gravity 5: Down to the Bone - Justina Robson

Release Date: 17/02/11


Lila Black faces her greatest challange yet as she takes herself, her dead lover and the AI in her head into death's realm. The Quantum Gravity series, set in a world where our reality mixes with other dimensions that are the homes to Faeries, elementals and demons, is unique in modern SF - a series that is willing to incorporate legend, myth and magic while maintaining a rigorous approach to scientific and pyschological reality. And in Lila Black Justina Robson has created an enduringly strong yet quirkily human and flawed heroine.


I originally fell in love with the characters within Justina's writing when I read the first title in the Quantum Gravity Series, Keeping it Real. Yet as the novels have progressed the characters have gotten more powerful and so it feels that now there’s almost nothing that can stop them. It’s a great shame as the vulnerability explored within the earlier titles feels that it’s been almost overridden in the later which has caused the series to lose a lot of its lustre for me. I’m not saying that the writing isn’t good, it is, the pace is decent, the overall arc interesting but without the characters having human emotional weaknesses then it really doesn’t give me much to grab hold of to keep me going.

All in, it was an interesting read but not one that makes me want to keep going and I’m starting to wonder if Lila and the gang have really had the day and should be allowed to pass into the night for someone new and refreshing to step forward.

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