Sunday, 5 May 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Dagger and the Coin 3: The Tyrant's Law - Daniel Abraham

Release Date: 30/04/13
Publisher:  Orbit


The great war cannot be stopped. The tyrant Geder Palliako begins a conquest aimed at bringing peace to the world, though his resources are stretched too thin. When things go poorly, he finds a convenient target among the thirteen races and sparks a genocide. Clara Kalliam, freed by having fallen from grace, remakes herself as a "loyal traitor" and starts building an underground resistance movement that seeks to undermine Geder through those closest to him. Cithrin bel Sarcour is apprenticing in a city that's taken over by Antea, and uses her status as Geder's one-time lover to cover up an underground railroad smuggling refugees to safety. And Marcus Wester and Master Kit race against time and Geder Palliako's men in an attempt to awaken a force that could change the fate of the world.


I love a cracking fantasy where I can not only get lost in the world but have fun trudging with the adventurers within so that I can get a fuller picture and for me Daniel Abraham has delivered that a lot of the time when I read his work. Here in the latest outing is a book that takes you on one hell of an adventure as the great war grinds its way across the land. It’s dark, it has a lot of characters to cheer for within and whilst our heroes do their utmost to try and finish a quest to save the world from itself, it’s a title that has hope scattered throughout the pages.

As usual with Daniels writing the prose is sharp, the dialogue wonderfully delicious and when backed with a plot line that has a good sense of pace to it there’s really not much more a reader could ask for, add to the mix, danger lurking around many corners and all round its one that will rend the readers emotions as it takes so much with one hand whilst giving a balm with the other. Great stuff.

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