Tuesday, 21 May 2013

URBAN STEAMPUNK REVIEW: Bannon and Clare 2: The Red Plague Affair - Lilith Saintcrow

Release Date: 21/05/13
Publisher:  Orbit


The service of Britannia is not for the faint of heart - or conscience ...After defeating a clockwork army bent upon regicide, the sorceress Emma Bannon and genius detective Archibald Clare have come to respect each other's skills, despite the fact that magic and logic are usually opposing forces. So when the Queen asks Emma to track down a missing doctor who holds the key to a deadly new weapon, Archibald's deductive talent may be just what she needs to find the man, before his destructive discovery sets the entire capital city ablaze ...The game is afoot. And the Red Plague rises.


The latest book by Lili and one that continues to build upon the success of the first of her Bannon and Clare series bringing the delights of Victoriana Steampunk head on with Urban Fantasy as magicks vie against the brains of Victrix’ investigators. Its well thought out, the characters are a sheer delight to be around and when backed with delightful dialogue, some fiendish twists alongside bringing some added light with characters of the time period all round makes this a book that is a sheer delight.

Throw into the mix an author who loves to spin a cracking yarn that when populated with emotional conflict throughout all round gives the reader something very special to enjoy. Great stuff.

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