Friday, 3 May 2013

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Chalice - Phil Rickman

Release Date: 01/05/13
Publisher:  Atlantic Books


Glastonbury, legendary resting place of the Holy Grail, is a mysterious and haunting town. But when plump, dizzy Diane Ffitch returns home, it's with a sense of deep unease - and not only about her aristocratic family's reaction to her broken engagement and her New Age companions. Plans for a new motorway have intensified the old bitterness between the local people and the 'pilgrims', so already the sacred air is soured. And, as the town becomes increasingly split by violence and death, Diane, local bookseller Juanita Carey and the writer Joe Powys must now face up to the worst of all possibilities: the existence of an anti-Grail - the dark chalice.


I love a supernatural title that not only draws me in but gives me solid characters, an unusual twist and of course wraps it all up in a page turning storyline, so whilst I have heard of Phil’s work before I hadn’t had the experience until now.

Whilst this book was released by Macmillan in 1998, it’s the newest incarnation by Corvus that I sat down to read, it not only gave me one hell of a read but also gave me top notch prose, some wonderfully delightful twists and backed it all up with an eerie feeling that accumulates in your neck hairs. Add to this that it was late night reading and to be honest with you I didn’t want to put it down and sleep, so much so that I finished it in the early hours of the morning and as with any tale of darkness those first rays of light can be a real help to relax you enough to sleep. All round a great book and one I was pleased I took the time to sit back and enjoy. Great stuff.

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