Sunday, 9 November 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Psionic Earth 1: Fires of Man - Dan Levinson

Release Date: 15/06/14
Publisher:  Jolly Fish Press


In a world where a gifted few can manipulate reality with their minds, two great nations -- Calchis and Orion -- employ these psionic powers in a covert war for global superiority. In the heart of Calchis, a young psion named Aaron is kidnapped and forcibly conscripted into the Calchan army. To the north, in the capital, a dastardly plan is hatched to decimate Orion, to be carried out by the ruthless operative known only as "Agent". Meanwhile, across the vast desert that separates the two warring states, Orion recruit Stockton Finn finds himself thrown into a new world of incredible powers he has never dreamed of. And Orion officers Nyne Allen and Kay Barrett navigate the aftermath of their shattered love affair, oblivious to the fact that Calchis is drawing ever closer to destroying the tenuous peace between their two lands. Finally, in the arctic land of Zenith, Calchan archaeologist Faith Santia unearths a millennia-old ruin that may shed light on the history of psionic powers and a deeper mystery that could shake the foundations of all mankind.


To be honest this is a book that’s taken me a little while to write the review for. Its one that sadly I put on a back burner as for me I didn’t feel that the book blurb was strong enough to move it up the TBR pile and boy that was a mistake.

What occurs within is a book that has some top notch high octane action which when blended with some cracking prose alongside pace really demonstrates that Dan knows how to craft a good book. Added to the mix solid dialogue and all round you know that it’s a book with all the right ingredients to keep readers happy.

The concept within of a psi-war in an alternate earth works very well although at the ned of the day, had I had a choice, I’d have preferred to stick with the tales principle villain as I loved the way he came across. That said, all round though its still a cracking title and one that is an opening that will have a good few readers glued. It’ll be interesting to see what occurs next.

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