Tuesday, 25 November 2014

THRILLER REVIEW: Betrayal - Will Jordan

Release Date: 25/09/14
Publisher:  Arrow Books


This is the compelling new thriller in the high-octane series featuring British CIA agent Ryan Drake. It is perfect for fans of David Baldacci and Vince Flynn. Washington, DC. Former soldier and elite CIA operative Ryan Drake is heading out for dinner when he witnesses a sniper attack on a crowded freeway. A motorcade full of Russian Federal Security Force members - in Washington for a top level conference with their US counterparts - has been ambushed. Many have been killed and worst of all, Drake discovers that the leader of the strike team was Anya - the dangerous and enigmatic woman he once risked everything to protect. Drake cannot believe her capable of such an atrocity but with the Russians baying for blood and tensions rising, Drake and his depleted team head for Siberia to discover the truth. And here he must confront the terrifying possibility that Anya's betrayal will unmask secrets greater and more devastating than he could ever have imagined.


The third outing for Ryan Drake and one that will more than please readers as Anya, a foe from previous outings reappears to foil our hero. Its definitely a quirky book, one that has an anti-villain that works delightfully well to counteract the hero, which for me is an essential. Back this up with a solid enough pace and dialogue that works well all round made this a book that I was more than happy to read through. All round a pleasing read although on a cautionary note, don’t pick this up until you’ve read the previous two as otherwise you’ll have missed a fair number of point as well as a hell of an adventure.

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