Monday, 24 November 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Star Wars: A New Dawn - John Jackson Miller

Release Date: 25/09/14
Publisher:  Century


The stage is set for the coming Rebellion against the Empire: Kanan is a Jedi. survivor of Order 66. Refusing to wield his lightsaber ever again, he makes a living as a freelance pilot, keeping his head down to avoid any Imperial attention. But when the beautiful Hera Syndulla sweeps into his life at the same time his friends and his livelihood are being threatened by an Imperial plot, he faces the biggest choice of his life: keep hiding ...or or make a stand and risk the wrath of the Empire.


OK, as a huge fan of the Star War’s franchise, I can be found quite often tavelling the galaxy with a fair few ships and with a new TV series about to start, fans needed a special introduction to the two principle heroes and what John delivers here is a title that will satisfy the reader.

The prose is sharp, the characters delightful and when added to the fact that we have the birth of the rebellion alongside a cracking overall arc, we know that its going to just go from good to great. All round a book that I was more than happy to spend the time with and one that I’ll be reading to my nephews to get them preparedl. Dum, Dum, DumDum, dum de dum, dum de dum.

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