Monday, 31 August 2015

THRILLER REVIEW: The Killing Kind - Chris Holm

Release Date: 27/08/15
Publisher:  Mulholland Books


Michael Hendricks is not a good man.
He doesn't deserve a good life.
But he is very good at his job.

He's the killing kind.

He doesn't accept contract kills. He doesn't work for any criminal organisation. And he never kills civilians. He only hits hitters.

He's not the kind of guy you call if you want to pop somebody who's pissed you off or done you wrong.

He's not a guy you call at all - he calls you.

And when he does, you'd be advised to take his call. Because it means that someone wants you dead, and time is running out to save your life.

It's not a bad way to make a living, but it's a great way to make enemies.

And now both the FBI and the mafia have Hendricks in their sights, he's about to learn just how good he really is...


OK, this book isn’t going to set the world alight but there are times you want a high octane thriller that has plenty of action and a plot that you don’t really have to think about relying more on the friction generated by the principle hero and villain in much the same way you go for the odd early Arnie film.

Chris knows what he does well and brings in in spades with this thriller. Add to this reasonable prose and some fairly basic dialogue and all round it’ll entertain as well as help you relax.

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