Monday, 17 August 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Jessica McClain 5: Pure Blooded - Amanda Carlson

Release Date:  16/06/15
Publisher:  Orbit


There's nowhere left to run.

Back from Hell, Jessica arrives to find her world thrown into chaos. Her father is fighting a losing battle against the Made wolves, and when Jessica and her crew rush to his aid, they discover the war is not as straightforward as it seems. Something larger is on the hunt, something ancient and powerful that won't rest until Jessica is dead. Now Jessica's plan of attack must change - but how can she defeat someone who can predict her every move?


OK, so I’ve been a huge fan of this series for quite some time so when I get the chance to embark on another outing with Jessica and her “pack” I can’t wait to see what trouble they not only get into but wonder how the author can escalate things with each tale packing a bigger punch than the previous.

What occurs within this book is a tale that is rich, full of solid storytelling and when added to consequences for previous actions as well as future one, leaves the reader wondering what is going to happen if she makes the wrong move. However that said, I did feel personally that this book was a tale of two halves. The first would have made a great novella with the second feeling like just the beginning of a second full story cutting off part way through. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy my time with Amanda’s characters but for me this book felt a little bit flat and I’d have preferred it if they’d released it the first part separately as perhaps a taster to get readers into the characters with the second part awaiting a fuller beginning, middle as well as end.

All round it was an OK read and I do want to see what else the crew gets up to but at the moment I’m feeling a little short changed.

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