Saturday, 29 August 2015

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW (16+:) Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls - Lynn Weingarten

Release Date: 02/07/15
Publisher:  Egmont


When June met Delia, she was a lifeline. Their intense friendship gave her a sense of belonging, of security, that she’d never had before. She felt braver, smarter, funnier, more attractive when Delia was around. But then something went wrong, and Delia and June haven’t spoken for a year when an announcement is made at their school that Delia is dead.

June barely has time to mourn before Delia’s ex-boyfriend convinces her that Delia didn’t kill herself but was in fact murdered, and June is fast swept into a tangle of lies and deceit – and a conspiracy she can barely conceive of, never mind believe.

Stylish, sexy and atmospheric, with so many twists it will leave you breathless.


To be honest this is a book of two halves and whilst it’s aimed at the younger audience, I have to say that I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone under 16. It deals with a lot of dark material and whilst the principle character of June is one that many can associate with, when you come to dealing with Delia, there really isn’t anything likable about the girl to really make you care about the events around her.

It’s definitely a book that won’t let you put it down but it does take a pretty poor turn towards the end which left me feeling depleted as well as cheated. All round it is an OK book but as it is a title that will stay with the reader be prepared for some questions that you’ll not only be asking yourself but others who have read the book.

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