Monday, 21 September 2015

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Xeelee: Endurance - Stephen Baxter

Release Date: 17/09/15
Publisher:  Gollancz


Return to the eon-spanning and universe-crossing conflict between humanity and the unknowable alien Xeelee in this selection of uncollected and unpublished stories, newly edited and placed in chronological reading order.

From tales charting the earliest days of man's adventure to the stars to stories of Old Earth, four billion years in the future, the range and startling imagination of Baxter is always on display. As humanity rises and falls, ebbs and flows, one thing is always needed - the ability to endure.

Contains eleven short stories and novellas.


I love to dive into the future and Stephen Baxter is an author that really delivers for me as a reader. Here within this book the reader is treated to a whole host of short stories that add flavour and background to enrich Stephen’s Universe. As with his other books, its well written, delivers some great characters and of course a whole host of tales from different parts of his timeline in order to get a fuller picture.

All round a book that I had a lot of fun with and one that was a real treat to be able to dip into when I had spare time on journeys as well to help take me away from the real world during breaks. Magic.

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