Sunday, 13 September 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Messenger of Fear 2: The Tattoed Heart - Michael Grant

Release Date: 27/08/15
Publisher:  Electric Monkey


I wanted to touch the boy who was not to be touched.

The Messenger of Fear exists to punish the wicked, to restore balance in a world where evil seems to be everywhere. He offers sinners one terrible choice: play . . . or pay? If you win the game, you can go free. But if you lose, you must live out your greatest fear.

His assistant, Mara is still adjusting to her role. She must face the worst horrors of intolerance, cruelty and injustice: she, as much as any of the people Messenger pursues, is being punished. But Mara has secret feelings for Messenger, and they’re threatening to overpower her. As she learns more about his tragic past, she must make her own choice: how far will she go to gain her heart’s desire?


OK, so this is the second book in the Messenger of Fear series and whilst this was a surprise when it landed, I have to say it was fairly easy to get into. What worked for me was the way that the principle character (who is now getting used to her role in society) allowing the reader to get a firm grip of whats happening.

It is a solid enough plot and whilst not explosive for the reader it’s Mara herself that keeps you glued as her personal dilemma’s as she questions herself and grows emotionally is what keeps you going. All round an OK middle of the road book.

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