Sunday, 27 December 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: DC Ebony Willis 3: Cold Justice - Lee Weeks

Release Date: 05/11/15
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster


A killer seeking revenge.A community protecting its own.The most explosive case yet for DC Willis and DI Carter.

Cornwall, 2000. Jenna wakes up after a drug-laced party to the realization that she has been raped. And it looks like it involved her new boyfriend, who has come down from London for the summer. But the case is assigned to a corrupt local police sergeant, who knows he can extort money from the boy's father, prominent London MP Jeremy Forbes-Wright, in return for his silence.

Fifteen years later and Jeremy Forbes-Wright is found dead under highly suspicious circumstances. On the same day, his two-year-old grandson Samuel is kidnapped on a London street and DC Ebony Willis and DI Dan Carter are called in to find the missing boy. They soon realize all roads lead to Cornwall and to find the little boy they must finally get justice for Jenna. But someone is murdering the people they need to speak to and time is running out …


Death, mystery and horror rival each other as an old cold case has to be uncovered and solved to help bring resolution to a modern time kidnapping in a story that takes you from the bright city lights of London through to the countrified small Cornish village where closed mouths keep hidden clues that someone is willing to murder to keep sealed.

Its delightfully dark, has moments of grave humour and when wrapped up, generates a story of a mismatched police due who struggle to find answers. As with the previous outings, its well written with delightful dialogue which when added to solid pacing makes this a sheer joy to read.

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