Monday, 28 December 2015

URBAN FANTSY CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Reviver Trilogy 2: Lost Souls - Seth Patrick

Release Date: 20/08/15
Publisher:  Pan



Revivers, with their ability to wake the recently dead, have long been called on during police investigations - and their testimonies are accepted in courts across the globe. But now those who consider revival to be blasphemy are in resurgence. Well-funded and gaining ground, they threaten the work of Jonah and his colleagues in the Forensic Revival Service.

Jonah is still recovering from his injuries after his encounter with a man possessed and determined to take over the world - a victory that cost many lives and any hope Jonah had of a normal existence. The discovery of a badly mutilated corpse makes him suspect that his conquest was not as final as it seemed, and that perhaps there are worse things waiting in the shadows for him . . .


Having read the original novel in July last year, I’ve had this title on my watch list for quite some time. I wanted to know not only how the world would change but how it would expand with events from the previous outing as well as learning how our intrepid hero would develop in lue of what he uncovered.

As with Seth’s other writing, the prose is sharp, the story wonderfully rounded and when added to the crispness of the dialogue for me made this a real pleasure to sit down and enjoy. Cracking.

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