Saturday, 25 June 2016

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Man Who Wasn't there - Michael Hjorth, Hans Rosenfeldt

Release Date: 16/06/16
Publisher:  Century


On the side of a mountain in Sweden, six bodies have been found. Skeletons, more precisely. These bodies were buried a long time ago.

And for Sebastian Bergman that just makes the investigation into who they are, who killed them, and why, even more complex. Because Bergman has, of course, found himself on the investigating team. At first it was a chance to escape his ex-girlfriend and spend some time with his daughter, Vanja. An opportunity to try and build a relationship with her before it's too late.

But soon he finds that he's more involved than he would ever want to be. And his personal life is horribly, disastrously, tangled up in it all . . .


If there’s one thing that I happen to love Crime wise, its spending time with the Scandinavians. They know how to scare the crap out of me with murder, they know how to set the scene and for me, the descriptiveness of the landscape sells it delightfully to me every time as I tend to feel that its quite a harsh setting for an even hardier people.

What this book presents is a tale that is thought provoking, has some solid twists and when added to characters that I wanted to spend time around generated a tale that was a solid offering. That said, the ending didn’t feel quite right for me as a reader, whether this is due to a translation problem or it was rushed to hit a deadline I’m not sure but I will read future outings by this duo.

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