Thursday, 30 June 2016

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Kigmaker 3: Divided Souls - Toby Clements

Release Date: 30/06/16
Publisher:  Century


Lent, 1469

The recent wars between the House of York and the House of Lancaster seem over. The Yorkist King Edward sits on his throne in Westminster, while the Lancastrian claimants are in exile or under lock and key in the Tower.

But within the family of York there is discord. The Earl of Warwick conspires against his King, and while to one another's faces they are all smiles, their household men speak in lies and whispers.

No man comes to court unarmed.

Thomas and Katherine have returned to Marton Hall, the only home they know.

But what lies buried in the past cannot remain so for long, and soon they are forced to take up arms once more in one of the most savage wars in history.

The Wars of the Roses . . .


I’ve spent a lot of time in the Cousin’s War over the last few years so I thought that I’d pretty much seen nearly anything that this time period could throw at me so it was with great happiness and surprise when this series from Toby Clements arrived taking the reader into the minds of the common folk rather than concentrating on purely those vying for the throne.

It’s well written, the prose sharp and there’s more than enough plot to keep the tale rolling without leaving the reader to worry that this is just filler due to the books placement in the series. Add to this great characterisation, magical dialogue and a cast that will keep you glued to see what happens next all round makes this a series that is a real treat to enjoy. Cracking

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