Wednesday, 22 June 2016

HISTORICAL FICTION: Agent of Rome 6: Earthly Gods - Nick Brown

Release Date: 16/06/16
Publisher:  Hodder


Imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is about to go rogue. His bodyguard, Indavara, has been kidnapped and has seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. Having spent weeks trying to discover his fate, Cassius's time is up: his superiors want him to return to duty.

But when an old ally's daughter is enslaved, he feels obliged to repay a long standing debt. Refusing the offer of a prestigious post, Cassius - and his Christian servant Simo - join nomadic chieftain Kabir and a trio of warriors, determined to rescue the missing girl. Now operating outside the law, the unlikely band journey across the perilous plague-ridden hinterland of Asia Minor, hunting the slavers. But these are no common criminals, and Cassius finds himself up against ruthless, cunning men with powerful friends and a lot to lose.


Nick Brown is an author that I’ve loved since I read his original novel in the series. I love the way he brings his characters across and the way he has developed them from the very beginning. Here within this, the sixth outing, we have our principle character Cassius thrown a curveball as his ex-gladiator bodyguard is kidnapped. It leaves him in one hell of a situation and whilst he wallows in his own pity, a request for aid from an old friend soon has him bucking his idea’s up.

As with the other books, it’s well thought out. Gives the reader plenty of meat to chew on and backed it up with solid prose alongside dialogue that trips off the page keeps you glued as you seek to find out more as its gently teased out to you.

If you haven’t read Nick’s work before, start with the first book and you’ll soon see that you’ll be as addicted to his series as we are.

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