Monday, 17 September 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Orion 1: The Vault of Winter - Darius HInks

Release Date: 28/08/12


At the heart the wood elf kingdom of Athel Loren, the forest-king Orion slumbers through the winter months to be reborn each spring and resume his arboreal throne. However, this year he awakens to discover a foul canker at the core of his eternal spirit - he has been cursed, though by whom and for what reason he does not know. In the grip of a furious rage he leads the asrai to war, but as the corruption spreads to the woodland realm around him, he feels his power waning and must rely upon his loyal subjects to help him unmask the traitor within their ranks.


Whilst I’ve enjoyed previous books by Darius, I have to admit that this one took some time to get into, perhaps this was due to the fact that we weren’t really following a mortal hero but an immortal being who walks in the legends of the Elves. It does have some great combat sequences, works at its own pace and with luck will improve as the series wends it way, now a lot of the groundwork is accomplished, but for me, I’m not really a fan of the god like beings preferring to have my tales based around those whose lifespan is measured in decades (or centuries in most Elves cases) rather than millennia.

Yes, it is an interesting addition to the catalogue and the author really gives his all but for me fantasy is more about the spirit of man, who seeks to do what he can regardless of the futility rather than such a powerful being.

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