Friday, 21 September 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Fynoderee - Alexander Caine Duncan

Release Date: 06/04/12


"Is this magic?" asked the boy, unable to hold his curiosity any longer. "No. It's not magic," said the creature, as calm as before. "It's just...different"... For Juan Kerruish, a boy only ever noticed by the school bullies, his world is about to turn upside down. When he meets Bea, the Fynoderee, a creature thought to exist only in myth, he discovers that he carries a message from the past that could change the course of the future. In a time when old and new worlds collide with life threatening consequences, the few who stand in the way of an ancient evil must face and conquer their ultimate fears, if ever the land and their loved ones are to be saved.


Having grown up in Cumbria, the myths and legends from the Isle of Man filtered through so I had a decent understanding of them before starting this tale. What Alexander’s Young Adult book brings to the table is a story that is addictive, full of myth and magic and of course highlighted with wonderful prose and top notch pace to keep you glued.

Its wonderfully written, the author clearly loving the island’s culture and when brought together gives readers something a little different for their money alongside some great sleight of hand which when added to Anarchy’s list demonstrates an eye for talent. Great stuff.

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bascule said...

Thanks for yet another book tip. Checked it out on Amazon.Co.Uk and it's only £1.99. So have bought immediately.