Tuesday, 11 September 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: The Babylon Gene - Alex Churton

Release Date: 08/09/12


2004: when violent Jihadists bomb a Masonic lodge in Istanbul, the Turkish military enlist maverick British agent Toby Ashe to find the cause of the attack. Hurled into a tense race against the CIA to solve an intelligence puzzle encompassing genetic research, a covert SAS mission, the true origins of Freemasonry, and the strange disappearance of the leader of a Kurdish mystical religion, Ashe must travel the globe in pursuit of answers.What if the invasion of Iraq was nothing to do with WMD? What if America wasn't motivated by oil, or regime change? What if the world's largest superpower was driven by a desire to find something far more dangerous - a viral weapon passed down through history...Explosive, fast-paced and brimming with expert knowledge of everything from Freemasonry to genetics, Christian mythology to military tactics, The Babylon Gene takes the conspiracy thriller to a whole new level.


I love a thriller that not only takes me on a ride but delivers all the things that make reading them a special experience. You’ve got some shocks, some great twists, gripping danger and when added to a spartan writing style that allows you to get to the meat of the tale, all adds up to be a cracking debut for this new author.

Add to this a lead character who takes knocks that require recovery time, that brings a solid investigating style to the mix as well as having a number of facets that allow the reader to get to not only know him but also like him. All in a great debut book all round and a great second offering from this new publisher.

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