Sunday, 12 April 2015

DVD REVIEW: Dracula Untold - Universal Pictures UK

Release Date: 09/02/15
Publisher:  Universal Pictures UK


Gary Shore directs and Luke Evans stars in this fantasy horror origin story. The film follows Vlad Tepes (Evans) and his struggle to protect his family and his people from the malevolent Ottoman sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), whose ever-expanding empire has put Vlad's homeland in danger of being conquered. Desperate to find a solution, Vlad seeks the help of a mysterious man (Charles Dance) who grants him the powers to defeat his enemy. But do these newly-gained powers come at too high a price?


As a fan of the early Turtles cartoon it was pretty cool to hear that it was back for my nephew’s generation as a three d animation and whilst I missed the old villain characters like Beebop and Rocksteady, the new series had their own set of villains for the heroes to deal with.

So having been a fan of the Transformers franchise, when I heard Michael Bay was having a hand in dealing with the new film I thought it should be a pretty solid offering that would be fun for all. Yet originally upon release all I heard were negatives. It worried me and put me off, after all the cast looked solid enough, so I thought it could only be something to do with the script.

So when the DVD came out, I was lucky enough to get a review copy and settled myself in not expecting too much from this new release but actually I was pretty sold within the first few minutes. I liked the way that they poked fun at other hero franchises, loved the way that April O’Neal came across as the still sassy reporter and when added to the over villainy of William Fichtner really worked well for me.

All round a film that whilst not an Oscar winner, was something that not only entertained me but also gave me a good laugh, definitely worth watching with your kids and for me is something I look forward to watching with my nephews. Cowabunga.

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