Monday, 13 April 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Fin Fancy Necromancy - Randy Henderson

Release Date: 13/02/15
Publisher:  Titan


Found guilty of a terrible crime he didn't commit in 1986, 15-year-old necromancer Finn Gramaraye was exiled to the Other Realm for 25 years. But now he's back in the mortal world and is disappointed to discover that he's middle-aged, DeLoreans can't fly, and he's been framed for using dark magic, again. All Finn wants is to pick up the pieces of his life and patch things up with his family: his mad scientist father, the ghost of his mother, a sister who is allergic to magic, a younger brother who thinks he's a werewolf and an older brother who is most unhappy to see him. But with just three days to clear his name before he's sent back into exile forever, Finn will need all the help he can get to figure out who wants him gone, and why.


Titan often play a blinder with fiction and there are times that they take a chance and bring something not only new to the fore but give the reader a book that is not only enjoyable but something that stands out in the readers imagination and will do for quite some time.

Whilst its not something that happens to often, this book by Randy Henderson is one that you cannot afford to miss. It has a quirky lead character, one that not only has to bumble through a modern world (as he’s lost a quarter of a century due to a crime he didn’t commit) and being thrust into a whole struggle to not only clear his name but also to find a way to help himself against a hidden foe, all round generates a title that is not only gripping but something that you don’t tend to come across to often.

All round a fine read and one that I definitely had a good time doing. Magic.

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