Wednesday, 1 April 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Dangerous Games - Ed. Jonathan Oliver

Release Date: 04/12/14
Publisher:  Rebellion


In a world of chances, one decision can bring down the house, one roll of the dice could bring untold wealth, or the end of everything. Here the players gather, their stories often dark, and always compelling. The players and the played, this new anthology from Jonathan Oliver (Magic, End of The Road, House of Fear, The End of The Line, World War Cthulhu) brings together brand new stories from an international team of talented authors, each with their own deadly game. This collection is set to include a full house of top authors including Hugo award-winning American writer Pat Cadigan, Brit Gary McMahon, Mexican Silvia Moreno Garcia, plus Tade Thompson, Rebecca Levene and more!


I’m a huge fan of anthologies as readers get the chance to try authors that they may not yet have had finances or the time for prior to purchasing the book. Its an easy way to dip into various writing styles and finding what suits in much the same way as finding old friends to spend time with as well as new and exciting possibilities.

Hidden within this title are quite a few gems and with cracking prose and top notch editing when backed with solid editorship alongside cracking talent, presents a book that is a pure joy to read. All round a cracking title for short journeys or for just a tale or two to take up that lunch break or to escape the real world. Magic.

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