Sunday, 5 April 2015

FICTION REVIEW: Breakfast with the Borgia's - DBC Pierre

Release Date: 15/01/15
Publisher:  Cornerstone Publishing


'Hell is other people.' This is a chilling, page-turning Hammer novella by the Booker-Prize-winning author of Vernon God Little. The setting: a faded, lonely guesthouse on the Essex coast. Outside, it's dark, and very foggy. Inside there's no phone or internet reception, no connection with the outside world. Enter Ariel Panek, a promising young academic en route from the USA to an important convention in Amsterdam. With his plane grounded by fog at Stanstead, he has been booked in for the night at the guesthouse. Discombobulated and jetlagged, he falls in with a family who appear to be commemorating an event. But this is no ordinary celebration. And this is no ordinary family. As evening becomes night, Panek realises that he has become caught in an insidious web of other people's secrets and lies, a Sartrian hell from which for him there may be no escape.


A book that is hard to define and one that whilst well written with good language skills alongside prose, personally I felt that it was a title that was a let down rather than something that could have been grander. Don’t get me wrong as a reader I found it a book that had some thought provoking moments in it, but for me it felt rather short and with no real character development within left it feeling 2D. All round a book that I’d recommend to borrow from your library rather than lay out the cash for.

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