Monday, 6 April 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Fangborn 3: Hellbender - Dana Cameron

Release Date: 31/03/15
Publisher:  47 North


I-Day is near at hand, and soon the Fangborn will reveal themselves to humankind. As a member of this secretive race of werewolves, vampires, and oracles, will archaeologist Zoe Miller be prepared?

Still grappling with the newfound powers she gained after opening Pandora’s box, Zoe shares the responsibility of protecting “Normal” humans. Having long preferred to keep to the shadows, she knows the pending revelation of the Fangborn will set the world on fire. With Fangborn enemies in the Order of Nicomedia forcing their hand, Zoe and her supernatural Family have no choice but to step into the spotlight. But that decision has garnered the attention of the powerful and otherworldly beings known as the Makers. They claim to have created the Fangborn—not as saviors, but as predators. And it seems they have their own plans for Zoe…and for the fate of all the Fangborn.

Filled with stunning twists, Hellbender takes the Fangborn series to a thrilling new dimension.


The third book of Dana’s Fangborn series and one that really sets up a cracking read for readers. Now having not read the previous titles (Seven Kinds of Hell and Pack of Strays), I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to make head of tails (pardon the pun) of what was occurring, yet whilst a little confused and obviously realising that I’d missed the earlier books after starting, I found that it was not only a fab read but one that I managed to be able to get into quite quickly.

I loved the principle character and the way she dealt with trouble. I loved the way that her dialogue fit her down to a tee and perhaps most of all I loved the way that she grew as the story developed. Yes, at first she felt overpowered against everyone else, yet as it developed her foibles came to the fore and showed her vulnerable. Back this up with solid prose, cracking pace and all round a set up for another thrilling instalment which will lead readers into a much darker world than the one we already knew existed. Magic.

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