Wednesday, 29 April 2015

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Rapture - Kameron Hurley

Release Date: 26/02/15
Publisher:  Ebury Press


Nyx is back, alongside the bel dame sisterhood of assassins. Although the centuries-long war is over, civil unrest is rife, and the fate of one kidnapped politician could be the catalyst for a bloody regime change. With aliens in the sky and a hint of revolution in the air, Nyx and her team of mutant shape-shifters, torturers and bio-tech magicians have a new mission: save a life to save a country.


Ah, a cracking crime novel featuring old friends, new mystery and of course a crime that keeps you guessing throughout set for the festive period. It has some solid twists and when added to her identifiable writing style really keeps you going throughout. Add to this great prose and of course cracking dialogue and all round you’ll be a more than happy reader. However please be aware that this is the 39th book in the series, so whilst you can read it without having read the others, you’ll really be missing a treat.

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