Monday, 27 April 2015

VIDEO GAME BETA REVIEW: Elder Scrolls Online - Bethesda

Hail Mighty Readers and Followers of the Calloused Thumbs,
OK, so if like us you were lucky enough to get Beta Access this weekend then you’ve probably had a hell of a lot of fun this weekend as we have (Lady Eleanor has been bashing the living hell out of everything with her Dragon-Knight as I was sneaking around with my Nightblade.)

It’s a game that graphically is on par with Skyrim, however what makes it so different is the sheer volume of other players also charging around. Whilst we’ve only got 10 hours of gameplay (mission wise) it’s a title that really gives a lot to the gamer. The area to explore is huge with each landscape per Group being different to suit the various races.

However the one thing that we really noticed was that it was one hell of a steep learning curve , getting used to updating of skills and assigning them was tricky but with the difficulty of having to find the crafting materials alongside learning how to utilise the new creation of various weapons, clothes etc taking time, it’s going to be something that will have a lot of gamers scratching their heads initially as they figure out what skills to upgrade first. And that’s on top of learning which race suits your playing style alongside the benefits that each brings to your chosen profession.

It is a lot of fun and being able to join up with a US friend made it even better, but there were some drawbacks as far as we were concerned. Firstly you have to create a character before you can utilise the Explorers/Adventurer’s pack. Yes this may seem a bit silly especially if you want to do the whole game with friends as you’ll be limited to the races but characters from one server do not carry over to the other. (There’s a European Server and a North America Server.) It does make it tricky but with the huge learning curve there will be quite a few stutters and starts for a good number of players.

All round, the game looks like its going to be mega. We love the idea of charging round with our specially tailored characters as well as having friends to trade and create new items with. In addition to this, if you have friends that each specialise in a type of crafting all round means that together you’ll be a powerhouse to watch on the titles console release date 9th June 2015.

We really can’t wait to embark and we’ll see you in Cyrodiil.

Gareth and Lady Eleanor

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