Wednesday, 8 April 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Obsidian Heart: The Wolves of London - Mark Morris

Release Date: 24/10/15
Publisher:  Titan Books


Psychology professor Alex Locke is an ex-convict, forced back into the criminal underworld when his daughter is threatened. After he agrees to steal a mysterious Obsidian Heart, Locke is pursued by unearthly assassins known as the 'Wolves of London'. Soon he discovers the heart can enable him to travel through time, and while it bestows him with his own dark powers, it also corrupts...


If you want an Urban Fantasy title that is dark, has deliciously devious angles alongside solid prose then you really have to give Mark Morris’ new book a try. It has a great principle player, an antihero who will often leave you a little (if you’ll pardon the expression) “foxed” as he weaves his way through the overall arc which at the end of the day really will keep you glued.

Back this up with some solid twists, a few unforeseen angles and a good support cast and all round, it’s a series that has something different for the UF fan out there.

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