Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Release Date: 15/02/15
Publisher:  Headline


The legend of King Arthur lives on...It is several years now since Arthur, the Last Dragon of Britain, has set foot on home soil. Roaming the Land of the Denes, he has not only engaged in brutal and bloody conflict with the barbaric Geats but he has also unearthed the most evil force within the royal court of Heorot. And, under the guidance of Stormbringer, the mighty Sae Dene king, he has honed his skills as a commander. Now the time has come for Arthur to brave the dangers of the frozen north as he and a band of daring sea-faring warriors prepare to embark on his ultimate voyage - to return to Britain and to create a kingdom of his own...


Marylin is an author who when I read her debut became a name that I instantly added to my TBR pile with each successive release. I loved her writing style, the way that she brings not only the Arthurian period to life (yes its historically recognised historical time)) with great characters, top prose and of course an overall arc that really adds life to the piece.

I love the way that she brings the characters to life, the way that she makes it accessible and when added to a writing style that is not only approachable but something that feels like you’re getting a secret storyteller whispering in your ear, really generates something unique. All round a cracking read and another hit for this author that, if you’ve not picked her up yet, do so, you’ll have not only a good time but also be amazed at how she manages to keep to schedule with her work. Cracking.

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