Saturday, 6 November 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Best of Tomes of the Dead - Al Ewing, Matt Smith, Rebecca Levene

Release Date: 11/11/10


Tomes of The Dead: tales of the hungry dead, roaming the earth, bringing a charnel plague to humanity. Tomes of The Dead: where graveyards yawn and zombies push up through worm-ridden soil as undeath wakes rigor mortis stiffened limbs. Tomes of The Dead: the very best in zombie fiction from some of the finest talents working in horror today.

Volume 1 in this series collects together The Words of Their Roaring, I Zombie and Anno Mortis


As a fan of the Tomes of the Dead series by Abaddon, I always love the excuse to delve into the world that they’ve created and watch the undead wreck their havoc. What makes this perhaps one of the better series is that they don’t constrain themselves timeline wise to the modern world which is easily proven in titles like Anno Mortis that’s set in the Roman Empire.

Within the reader gets three of the best of the series to date with authors like Al Ewing, Rebecca Levene and Matt Smith. Each of the titles has something different to entertain the reader from a Zombie Detective to a Romeroesque London and topped with a Gladiatrix who just won’t stop. Which when added to the of sheer value for money, will give the reader a real treat from some of the top talent in the genre today. A great title and one that we really loved to reread….bbbbrrraaiiinnnssss.

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Mark Lawrence said...

Ah zombies! Can't live with 'em ... can manage fine without 'em. But they are good fun aren't they - I should dip into some high quality zombie-lit.

Good to see you've got the David Gemmell award tag up.