Friday, 19 November 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Wolfsbane and Mistletoe - Charlaine Harris and Toni LP Kelner

Release Date: 18/11/10


We all know the holiday season can bring out the beast in anyone - but it's especially hard if you're a lycanthrope! Gathered here together is a veritable feast of fears and tears: fifteen of the scariest, saddest, funniest werewolf tales, by an outstanding pack of authors, best read by the light of the full moon, and with a silver bullet close at hand. In 'Gift Wrap', Sookie Stackhouse is feeling mighty sorry for herself, all alone for Christmas - until she meets someone with bigger problems than loneliness ...Patricia Briggs gives us the story of lone wolf David Christiansen, who needs to mend fences with his daughter, before it's too late. In 'Christmas Past', Keri Arthur tells the tale of Hannah, who gets an unmerry and potentially life-threatening Christmas present when the hunky werewolf who dumped her last Christmas Eve turns up as her partner on the hunt for a vampire serial killer. All these and more feature in WOLFSBANE AND MISTLETOE, the perfect antidote to Christmas mawkishness!


A series of short stories edited by one of the biggest names in the Urban Fantasy Genre which when backed with the sheer talent and scope of the authors within, make this title a must own. It’s great for the holiday period and will get you in the festive mood and when backed with the fact that each short story is self-contained will definitely put a smile on many an Urban Fantasy Readers face.

Failing all else, the fact that within are a large number of the big names makes this a pretty good bet as a pleaser as well as allowing readers the chance to try some of the authors that they may not be quite as familiar with or just know the name in passing.

Finally, this title is definitely worth the outlay although make sure that the giftee (the reader) has all their creature comforts to hand as they’ll pretty much be glued and possibly even snarl if their reading time is disturbed. With lycanthropy being a transferable disease through bite, making sure to their comfort or you may well find out how true this is. LOL

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