Wednesday, 10 November 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Jane Slayre - Charlotte Bronte and Sheri Browning-Erwin

Release Date: 29/04/10


'Reader, I buried him.' So begins Sherri Browning Erwin's affectionate, funny and brilliantly clever monster mash-up of everyone's favourite literary classic. Mrs Reed and her children are vampires, Lowood is run by a voodoo headmaster who is turning his pupils into the walking dead, Mr Rochester's first wife is a werewolf, and Jane must learn to embrace her destiny as a slayer of evil before she can win her heart's desire. What's not to love? Jane Slayre is the one classic which can give Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a run for its money, and Sherri Browning Erwin's masterful take on a timeless tale will delight monster fans and lovers of Charlotte Bronte alike.


One of the most recent changes to the genre is to take a modern classic and put a spin upon it. Here within this offering Sherri has paid homage to this tale and taken a serious bite out of the stuffiness within for the current audience. Beautifully constructed, carefully managed, the author not only embellishes the story but adds a whole new twist of flavours for a new exciting fusion. Add to the mix a strong female lead, some great one liners and of course a tale to savour in much the same way as a fine wine.

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