Saturday, 8 January 2011

2011 Book Challenges

Hail Mighty Readers,
As fan's of all things written, we thought that we should perhaps take up some book challenges for the year, after all nothing feels sweeter than acheiving your goal and carrying the flag to help not only authors but also readers find that something special.

As such, we'll be adding more challanges as we hear about them and feel that we're not only supporting the written word but also bringing new talent to the fore.

We'll hope you too will join.

So far our challenges for the year include:
100 Books in a Year set by Book Chick City (100 Books)
Mystery and Suspense Challenge by Book Chick City (12 Books)
Horror and Urban Fantasy Challenge by Book Chick City (24 Books)
New Author Challenge - Literary Escapism (50 Books)
Fantasy Reading Challenge - Darlyn and Books (30 Books)
Chivalrous Deeds - Bippity Boppity Book (unlimited)

All the best with your own challenges as well as enjoying the new year,


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