Saturday, 22 January 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Kill Me Once - Jon Osborne

Release Date: 20/01/11


Nathan Stiedowe is seeking perfection - and he has been learning from the best. Recreating some of the most sickening murders in history, his objective appears chillingly simple, but his true motive remains unclear. On the trail of this sadistic monster is FBI Special Agent Dana Whitestone. Driven by the brutal childhood slaying of her parents, Dana's relentless pursuit of the most evil and twisted criminals has seen her profile many violent cases. But never has she encountered a maniac as demented as Stiedowe, or a mind as horrifyingly disturbed...


In a world that’s chock full of fictional crime titles that centre around a serial killer, new authors have to find a way to give the reader something special that not only chills them to the bone but horrifies as well as frightens them. Many readers seek solice within the thrill that they get from titles that explore the case through pathology, others by reading titles where the detective is key. However one element that has not been as explored as it could have been is the tale from the point of view of the serial killer.

This is what Jon Osborne has done, in this his debut title that seeks to launch him up there with the likes of Karin Slaughter, even so far as following a punishing schedule that will see the second title in the series published in the next six months. It’s going to be tough but with the characters within this first novel, the author has a real chance of creating something special. Within this story the characters are believable, the dialogue realistic and the prose alongside pace really keeps the reader glued as each element is revealed which makes this a great first title and one that demonstrates that this year has some cracking new talent breaking out.

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