Thursday, 20 January 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Midnight - Stephen Leather

Release Date: 20/01/11


Jack Nightingale found it hard enough to save lives when he was a cop. Now he needs to save a soul -- his sister's. But to save her he has to find her and they've been separated since birth. When everyone Jack talks to about his sister dies horribly, he realises that someone, or something, is determined to keep them apart. If he's going to save his sister, he's going to have to do what he does best - negotiate. But any negotiation with the forces of darkness comes at a terrible price. And first Jack must ask himself the question: is every soul worth saving?


As a fan of Stephen’s first book in this series, where he blended Urban Fantasy with good old fashioned crime, I was interested to see how the story would develop. What occurs within is a book that not only gives you the best of both genres but one that really will help establish Nightingale as a firm fan favourite. Not only is he fully rounded but he has great characteristics where no matter what he faces, he struggles through against the odds to come up trumps at the last minute.

Its real seat of the pants reading and I suspect the same with the writing. Add to this a great sense of pace, some wonderful authorly sleight of hand and when its backed with great prose, descent dialogue and characters that you can’t get enough of, you know that it’s a tale that really will keep you glued to the last making this real nail-biting fiction and a title that readers will just love.

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Angela Addams said...

This looks promising - I might actually branch out from my paranormal romance addiction and try something new!