Wednesday, 19 January 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The Hammer - KJ Parker

Release Date: 20/01/11


The colony was founded seventy years ago. The plan was originally to mine silver, but there turned out not to be any. Now an uneasy peace exists on the island, between the colonists and the once-noble met'Oc, a family in exile on a remote stronghold for their role in a vaguely remembered civil war. The met'Oc are tolerated, in spite of occasional cattle stealing raids, since they alone possess the weapons considered necessary protection in the event of the island's savages becoming hostile. Intelligent, resourceful, and determined, Gignomai is the youngest brother in the current generation of met'Oc. He is about to realise exactly what is expected of him; and what it means to defy his family.


If there is one thing that you can tell, it’s a KJ Parker novel, the writing style, the prose and the dialogue all scream this author and to be honest you know what you’re going to get, a story with guts, glory and above all else a principle character facing not only personal dilema’s but also overcoming the odds to succeed.

Its definitely beautifully written, the characters vibrant and above all else a dialogue style that really is enjoyable so much so that you feel that you know the principle player pretty well. Back that up with a reasonably paced tale backed up with an established history (The Company) and you know that it’s a title that really will fulfil all the promise of the book blurb.

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Angela Addams said...

This looks interesting. I love author's who have a distinctive style to their writing.