Saturday, 2 April 2011

ART BOOK REVIEW: Creating Comics: Start to Finish - Buddy Scalera

Release Date: 25/03/11


Break into the comic-book industry - and stay in - with this user-friendly guide to understanding and creating comic books, as told by top working comic professionals. Readers discover in detail how comic books are made - from brainstorming, writing and editing to penciling, inking and colouring - as told by top professionals who offer real-world advice for breaking into and staying in the business. Readers will enjoy the in-depth interviews with respected industry insiders who've worked for such powerhouses as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics, including: Mike Marts ( X-men and Batman ); Mark Waid ( Kingdom Come , Spider-man , Flash and Irredeemable ); Darick Robertson ( Wolverine , Conan and Deadpool ); Brian Haberlin ( Witchblade and Spawn ); Rodney Ramos ( Batman and Wolverine ); Chris Eliopoulos ( X-men ); and, John Cerilli (Marvel Digital Comics). This title also includes unprecedented interviews with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and comics legend Stan Lee.


Impact are normally known for creating titles that help the reader get to grips with various artistic styles so that they can improve the talent that they already possess, this one’s a little different. Whilst not strictly a how to draw title it takes the reader though the whole process of breaking into the comic world from how to behave professionally to how to approach the relevant companies including a cover letter alongside demonstrating what others have done to get where they are. Each chapter, whilst overseen by Buddy Scalera deals with different area’s from creating the script to working out the image shots to pencilling, inking and colouring and even back the whole lot up with an interview with Pow Entertainment Legend Stan Lee.

It’s a wonderful addition to any artist’s shelves, has great advice and even can help those with no artistic talent by demonstrating how script alongside other areas are available in the industry for those with the passion. A great title, wonderfully put together and even one with tips that some writers may find useful. Great stuff.

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